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Car with ‘COVID 19’ number plate was spotted on road in March, Adelaide motorist says

Log in to view your previous and outstanding fines, photos of your offence, and how much you owe. For infringement enquiries, call 03 or for regional callers. For Notice of Final Demand enquiries, call 03 or for regional callers. Have you moved house recently? By law you must advise VicRoads of your new address within 14 days of moving.

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Please note that intially ALL members are required to register even if you are an existing member – this is the easiest way to get your details into the new online database. Please sign on with the MCAV in – it has been a rough year for everyone, and we need the support more than ever. Check out his Facebook page Palmers Super Idea for more details. The service fee may be used at any time that suits both the winner and breeder during the breeding season. The result will be re-drawn if the winner does not want the prize.

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secure your number plates with one-way, anti-theft screws – they cost your local police Eyewatch page on Facebook to keep up-to-date with.

A mystery vehicle that has captured the attention of workers at Adelaide Airport because of its “COVID 19” number plate was spotted being driven on a nearby road in late March, video suggests. Images showing the BMW 5 Series sedan at the airport’s staff car park surfaced on Monday, with worker Steven Spry saying he and colleagues first noticed the car months earlier.

Its number plate was only revealed in April after a cover over the car blew off in windy weather, Mr Spry said. Adelaide motorist Dan Parfitt today said he noticed the car while driving on Burbridge Road, West Beach — near the airport — on March Mr Parfitt said a man appeared to be driving the BMW, and a spokesperson for Adelaide Airport said the matter had attracted “quite a bit of interest”.

The disease caused by coronavirus was first officially labelled “COVID—19” on February 11 , and was declared a pandemic one month later. Under South Australian regulations, it takes about 10 days to get a personalised number plate. Another picture of the car in a different location at the airport was posted on a popular Instagram page on March 21, although it has since been deleted.

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If you wish to use the benefits of the scheme you must comply with its requirements. Copies of the appropriate forms can be obtained from the VicRoads website. It is recommended that you personally visit a VicRoads office and not use the post.

One of the many advantages of Victorian Mini Club membership is being able to Cars on the CPS are issued with brown number plates, you cannot have old at the time of application, proven by manufacture date on compliance plate.

The Australian state of Victoria requires its residents to register their motor vehicles and display vehicle registration plates. Registration plates have been issued in Victoria since Like other Australian plates, these are usually particular to a vehicle, changing hands with it, and are generally permanent yearly registration is required, however. Initial Victorian plates, issued from to , were in numerals only, from 1 to From , “Vic” inserts were added vertically down the left-hand side of the plate.

In , Victoria switched to a two-letter, three-number scheme AA to ZZ of which also bear “Vic” down the left-hand side. This format was later used for motorcycles. In , the two-letter, three-number scheme was reintroduced as an optional, personalised plate style for cars. These had an embossed “Vic” above the plate’s embossed characters in full length. The first three-lettered plate, GAA was issued on 27 January However, having reached the end of their Federal allotment of letters, Victoria in commenced from LZZ to IAA in some later plate sequences, the capital I had noticeable staves to tell them apart from the number 1.

The earlier sequences did not, due to the I-series plates being made by two different manufacturers, who used different dies for the “I”.

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In fact, for some people, the pricier the better! To date, this is the most expensive plate that has ever been sold by the DVLA and by quite a significant margin. A letter-number combination that is widely recognised worldwide for its connection to the most popular racing sport on Earth — Formula 1.

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You can check a vehicle’s registration details via the Transport Department where the vehicle has been registered. For vehicle registration checks in Victoria , visit the VicRoads department website to perform your registration check. In , there were over fatal car accidents in Victoria. VicRoads monitors vehicles in the state of Victoria, and anytime an incident such as speeding or running a red light is detected by cameras, a check is done to ensure that the car is in fact registered.

A free registration check rego check for vehicles registered in VIC can be done online on the VicRoads Department website to:. In order to drive a vehicle on public roads in the state of Victoria, it must be registered. Heavy fines and penalties apply to any driver caught driving an unregistered car. Checking the registration of your car helps to ensure the safety of you and any passengers in your care. As seen in the media. Not a current subscriber?

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Update 15 April — Recurring fees are paused until further notice. Learn more. The Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act introduced vehicle registration to replace existing licences. For further information see Register a vehicle.

If your number plates were customised upon cancellation, you can reattach Make changes to your registration; Apply for a common due date.

It can also be found on the vehicle itself, either on the compliance plate located in the engine bay or on one of the door posts where the door latches when it is closed , or on the passenger side windshield. Included in the report is a PPSR Certificate which will state whether or not a financial encumbrance money owing is recorded against the vehicle.

If an encumbrance is recorded, the certificate will include details such as the name and address of the interest holder financier , details of the vehicle recorded on PPSR, the date the interest was recorded on PPSR and the type of interest e. The report will state if the car has previously been declared as a write-off. The report will indicate if the vehicle’s odometer reading is accurate, or if it has been wound back based the known odometer history of the vehicle, gathered from independent third party sources within the automotive industry.

We recommend you review the vehicle’s log looks and service history in conjunction with the CarHistory report to determine the accuracy of the vehicle’s odometer reading. If the vehicle is registered, the report will state the registration plate number, expiry date for the registration and the state in which the vehicle is registered. The report will also include details of the car including make, model, series, body, year first retail date , colour, fuel type, and fuel consumption.

Included in the report is information on the first sale of the vehicle including buyer type.

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Learn more. If you cancelled your vehicle’s registration on or after 29 January due to COVID, we have simplified the process for you to re-register your vehicle. Please note: These changes are temporary and will only be in place until 6-months after the COVID public health emergency declaration is revoked. Get a quote for your registration. Motor vehicles and motorcycles including mopeds and tricycles used on Queensland roads must be registered.

Lost or stolen unbooked commercial passenger vehicle registration plates (new invoices for a vehicle’s annual registration fee 30 days prior to the due date.

SafePL8 involves everybody in the community. Victoria Police will target and detect offenders, but it is up to you to make your number plates harder to steal. Offenders use stolen plates to avoid identification when committing serious offences such as petrol thefts, drug trafficking and burglary. You can help prevent serious offences and keep your number plates safe by following a few simple steps:. Keep an eye out for SafePL8 events, where local police fit anti-theft screws to your vehicle on-the-spot, often for free.

Follow your local police Eyewatch page on Facebook to keep up-to-date with upcoming events. Screws are also available from:. While anti-theft screws can help deter prospective crime, it can also save you the inconvenience and cost of replacing your number plates. If your number plates are stolen, apart from reporting the theft to police, you will also need to:.

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